What are the Benefits of Refilling?

But how does this system of refilling work?  What can I benefit from refilling? What does Eco Refillery provide? 

What is Refillery?

A refillery is essentially combining the two words “refill” and “brewery” (eco now, 2022). 

Refillery is where you can refill your own container with a cleaning, body, or home products rather than buying a “one-time use” product. The concept of a refillery is that people can reduce the use of plastic, save money and keep the earth clean as we can go more into the depth about the benefits of refilling and what Eco Refillery can provide to you! 



What are the Benefits of Refilling?

Zero Waste Plastic

Committing to zero plastic can conserve resources and minimizes pollution, in a way of reducing carbon dioxide and saving endangered species affected by plastic pollution. As our current consumption of plastic is unsustainable, reducing and reusing means that fewer products are made, as people buy less and products are made to last (Benefits of Zero Waste, n.d.).

Save Money

The cost of bringing your own reusable containers and groceries bags is zero dollars compared to buying bulks of a one-time use of plastic bottles of liquid or dry goods. However, your one-time-use HPDE  (High Density-Polyethylene) bottle can be reused to fill up your cleaning products whether it’s laundry detergent, dish soap, hand soap and many more cleaning body or home products. 

Keep the Planet Clean

Plastic debris is found everywhere, from the Arctic to Antarctica. Clogging the street drains in our cities and littering campgrounds and national parks (GrrlScientist, 2018). Plastic debris and well as other waste can be dumped as high as the mountains. Plastic that can’t be properly recycled could be found everywhere in the world’s ocean, affecting animals on land and in the sea


Who is Eco Refillery?

We are a local retail store in Vancouver, B.C. that caters to helping you reduce your consumption of plastic bottles and refill your cleaning products over and over again. Offering options to reuse or refill with your container or buy some of our reusable bottles in stores. 

Eco Refillery offers different sorts of brands that are eco-friendly and biodegradable within cleaning home products, personal protective equipment, machines and cleaning equipment; making cleaning and washing less time-consuming and effective. 

Our membership program is free to join as it offers an in-store “reward” system for loyal customers. Deals can vary from 25% off on just the refill products, $4-$5 dish soap which is the same quantity as a $7-$9 dish soap in grocery stores and unique scents of cleaners and sanitizing wipes. 


For more information, contact us at vancouver@ecorefillery.com.

Our mission is to reduce waste, and costs and build a community built on sustainability. Our refillery provides our community with guaranteed Canadian products of the highest quality.



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