About us

Eco Refillery is based in Vancouver, B.C. Canada carrying products that are locally sourced and manufactured. Our mission is to reduce waste, costs and build a community built on sustainability. Our refillery provides our community with Canadian products made of the highest quality guaranteed.

Our Story

Our Founder, Matthew Nowak, launched our parent company, Eco Sanitizer, in 2020. We started with producing cleaning and sanitizing products that are cruelty-free, plant-based, and eco-friendly.
Matthew’s main goal was to focus on the environmental results that foster a safe and sustainable future. But producing these products was just not enough for him – he wanted to do more. He needed more to contribute to the social, economic, and environmental well-being of our community and our future

Clean. Care. Change.

Clean. Care. Change.

Zero Plastic waste

Eco Refillery offers a Zero Plastic waste – upcycling centre for Cleaning Products – an industry that is notorious for creating Plastic Waste!Every bottle counts when you’re cleaning and caring for your home.

Proprietary Filling Stations

Eco Refillery offers proprietary filling stations at our retail stores to enable our communities we serve to refill and reuse their containers – help reduce Plastic Waste with us.

Cleaning Products

We offer several lines of Cleaning Products to support hand hygiene, Dish Care, Laundry Care, Household & Commercial Cleaning- that are of Exquisite Quality and Canadian Made!

Journey to Less than 6.3kg

The average person generates 6.3 KG of Plastic Waste from Cleaning products annually. For every sale we make, we donate a portion of our sales to “1% For the Oceans” to align our plastic saving measures and create effect throughout our organization.