Eco Refillery opens its doors to local Vancouverites!

Vancouver, B.C. Eco Refillery today announced the grand opening of their storefront/refillery. To be held on Friday, June 24, 2022. This milestone is a major move for Eco Sanitizer (parent company of Eco Refillery) on its mission to build a community based on sustainability.

“We’ve already been making eco-friendly products at Eco Sanitizer. We looked at many options on how to expand or grow our company, and we realized that we could be contributing more to the environment and to our local Vancouverites,” says Matthew Nowak, founder at Eco Sanitizer.

This news comes in the wake of many recent initatives and accomplishments of the company including:
• Ensuring that Canadians have access to affordable eco-friendly products.
• Reducing plastic waste in the ocean and landfills by allowing our customers to bring their own bottles, or reuse our refillable bottles.
• Building a community based on sustainability and listening to our customers needs

“Originally our plan was to just open a storefront to give customers a place to purchase our products if they have no access to internet or have troubles navigating through online shopping. But we’ve seen how many repeat customers we have and how we’ve navigated from sanitizing products to home cleaning products and asked ourselves ‘why don’t we open up a store where customers can refill their home products?’”, says Mikaela Maria, CEO of Eco Refillery.

“Over the last month and a half, we did intense planning for the store opening, the membership program, and all the preparation that goes into opening a retail store. It has been, and will be, the best milestone ECO has ever accomplished”.

To learn more about Eco Refillery’s grand opening, contact us at

Eco Refillery is a Vancouver based company that is built around a community sharing the same beliefs: being eco-friendly and sustainable. Their mission is to reduce waste and costs, and provide the community of Vancouver with Canadian-made, Canadian-sourced, eco-friendly products.

Eco Refillery’s journey to cleaning up the ocean comes from every sale they make. They donate a portion of their proceeds to “1% For the Oceans” to align their mission to help reduce plastic waste to less than 6.3kg annually.

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